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Bought a ring said ring worth $9273.00 so I bid $248.00 won auction for to resell .ordered valuation form extra stating value .

Went back to auction now says ring worth $1799.00 they changed valuation I would have never bought item if it was worth this . emailed customer service they said that they did not change anything . this is false this is a scam watch out.No wonder they sell so many items when the tell you something is worth a high amount then lower it after you buy it ! People will pay more for items because of this!

I am trying to get a full refund!

When I receive item!


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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #766974

From the website:All of our items are 100% guaranteed to be as described. We provide a compare price and some items might have a retail price. The Compare Price is based on what we believe to be the maximum prices other jewelers advertise online for similar jewelry items. This price in no way reflects worth, suggested retail price or an actual advertised price.

You should always make sure to have all the information provided in the description page of the auction evaluated with your local appraiser/jeweler before you bid or buy.

The Retail Price is intended to be representative of suggested retail prices from the manufacturer.

Leduc, Alberta, Canada #766969

I read on their website that the "suggested" retail value is based on the highest price found through other retailers for a comparable item. Using that as a guideline and based on research that I have done, if you place your maximum bid at 5%-10% of the retail value posted with the item you will get pretty much what you pay for. You will win some auctions and lose some auctions, but thats truly life isn't it??

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #763770

Yes I have been buying from them for over 4yrs or more received two of my shipments have loved everything I have recieved.Even loved the wrong order they sent me but that could have been a computer error mine.

If they were a scam Ithink as big as they are they would have been shut down.

It cost more money but if you want to check them out yourself buy the appraisal info from them that they offer with your merchandize you win take it somewhere get it reappraised then if its faulse information you have them.But iI really don't think you will find them lying or sending you bad merchandize

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #748481

I wonder where Bidz gets its valuation from.Some ugle cheap looking items has Tiffany pricing.

Also they must have a reserve.

I bid on two rings starting at $1.

There was no other bidder and I thought they are mind but that wasnt the case.Waste of time.


I have bought numerous items from this site and have been very happy with all purchases, price and quality, one item out of 6 did not arrive after notifying them, they immediately reimbursed my money, love the $1 bidding... Very happy customer hoping to shop for some more bargains :-)


Dear Customer,

We apologize you were not satisfied with your purchase. Our company guarantees that all of our merchandise is 100% authentic and as described. In case you received an item not as described we offer 100% money back guarantee on all orders returned within 30 days. After reviewing your account we have found that all the items returned were found as described. Consequently, you were only refunded the item amount and the transaction fee.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at


Have bought from bidz for a while now.90% of the stuff had to be returned.

The gemstones are fractured, chipped, or broken.

They keep their auction fees, and only refund a portion of the shipping cost.I have lost more money with them on returning *** they send out.


Husband Bought me a necklace.Supposed to have diamonds all around the pearl.

Its false.

It didn't.It was a scam


Dear Hollie,

Thank you for your feedback and we apologize we were unable to meet your expectations.Please note that a lot of jewelers would falsely low ball the price in order to buy the item from you so they could turn around and resell the item for profit.

Also, when going to the jeweler to test the merchandise whomever is testing it has to be a certified gemologists and not just a jeweler, this is to get accurate results.

We guarantee that all our items are 100% as described and if you are not happy with your order you can send it back within 30 days for a full refund.If you have any questions regarding this post or any other please do not hesitate to contact us at for assistance.



I bought 2 rings, vauled at $440 each, 1 necklace vauled at $550, and another at valued at $930 BUCKS!!! Guess what? The whole entire necklace (both)are a FAKE and my Jewler has NO idea what material it is actually made of!!! and as far of the rings, he told me I could buy a similar item at Wallyworld for $40 BUCKS!!!!

So I spent over $200 and hours of searching on the website, bidding etc, and to only find out I might get $5 out of them. This is completly horrible. I wanted to give my two daughters a ring from their mom and I got ripped off.

Have no choice but to throw the "stuff" away.Please shut them down

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