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This company must have great lawyers because they know how to rip you off with no fear of reprisal.I won a bid on a Tanzanite and Diamond ring when I got it, not knowing much about Tanzanite I was impressed with the deep color. Not until months later when a friend looked at it with a jewelers loop the we destintly saw the infraction right through the center of the stone and the jagged cut on the bottom of the stone.

I, like other fools who fall for these scams need to smarten up.

I take full responsibility for falling for this, but it won't happen again, and I hope you won't fall for it either.

Monetary Loss: $960.

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this fucken website gave me nock off's that claimed to be real!!! :(

Rexburg, Idaho, United States #12327

I found it interesting that bidz dosent grade its tanzanite and even the 10,000 and above rings dont come with the grading so it is buyer beware it would be easy for them but this way the profit is your risk

beware beware beware

ask for the appraisal and check back with a jeweler and then report it as interner fraud

South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #11797

Dear SusieQss,

It is very unfortunate to hear that you have not had a pleasant experience with We would like you to know that Bidz offers outstanding value for its products through highly entertaining interactive auctions. Not only do we provide consumers a reliable source of bargain jewelry but we strive to provide the best in customer care. If you have received an item that is not as described or was damaged at delivery, you may return the item. Please note that all returns are done on a case by case basis.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns; we are more than pleased to assist you.

Thank you,

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