I bid on a white gold with cubic zirconia and I won the ring for 98$ canadian.I was so excited, until i got the ring!not only was the gold NOT gold but silver, the "cubic zirconia" was PLASTIC!!!

I put it on for my boyfriend as a joke just to see if he would notice right away.

Well he came home late, i forgot i was still wearing it, and when i changed the printer ink, the so called cubic zirconia was now stained bright blue CYAN i believe.

What a joke and waste of money!Bidz.com come and get your plastic diamonds and cubic zirconia!!

Monetary Loss: $98.

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Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #747642

Perhaps you could sell it as a blue diamond on bidz priced at 15,700,000 and get an offer for 4,000,000 and your still doin well..A cyan blue cubic zirconia...

lmao , my apologies it just sounds ridiculous and you obviously have a sense of humour. Tickled my funny bone. ha ha ha ha ha.. any chance of a magenta fake pearl ...ha .

ha.. ha... sorry for my outburst, Im glad you only paid 100 bucks for it...

that ink takes ages to come off anything, and usually ends up on everything...too funny


Dear Customer,

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback about your purchase and we would like to apologize you were not satisfied.We do offer 30 days money back guarantee.

Please provide us with your username and order details so we could review your purchase and see if there was any discrepancies.We will get in contact with you providing resolution after you provide the necessary information at improvements@bidz.com.

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