I bid on a white gold with cubic zirconia and I won the ring for 98$ canadian. I was so excited, until i got the ring!not only was the gold NOT gold but silver, the "cubic zirconia" was PLASTIC!!!

I put it on for my boyfriend as a joke just to see if he would notice right away.

Well he came home late, i forgot i was still wearing it, and when i changed the printer ink, the so called cubic zirconia was now stained bright blue CYAN i believe.

What a joke and waste of money! Bidz.com come and get your plastic diamonds and cubic zirconia!!

Monetary Loss: $98.

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Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #747642

Perhaps you could sell it as a blue diamond on bidz priced at 15,700,000 and get an offer for 4,000,000 and your still doin well.. A cyan blue cubic zirconia...

lmao , my apologies it just sounds ridiculous and you obviously have a sense of humour. Tickled my funny bone. ha ha ha ha ha.. any chance of a magenta fake pearl ...ha .

ha.. ha... sorry for my outburst, Im glad you only paid 100 bucks for it...

that ink takes ages to come off anything, and usually ends up on everything... too funny


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